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We're passionate about providing you with top-quality equipment for all of your experiences outdoors including kayaking and canoeing. We offer a large selection of products made for those who are beginners or the most experienced.


As a family-owned business serving the area since 1985, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. We offer onsite test paddling to ensure the boat you purchase is right for you before you buy it. Choose from recreational, touring, and sport kayaks as well as cruising, fishing, and other canoes.

Shop with us today. Find what you need in stock, or we'll special order it just for you. We can even ship items to you.

Visit our large store or call us with your kayak questions.


  • Perception

  • Dagger

  • Mad River

  • Northstar

Choose top brands of kayaks and canoes:

  • Bending Branches

  • Harmony

  • Stohlquist

  • Cascade Designs

  • Seal Line

  • Seals


Boat Accessories:

Kayak paddle Kayak Harmony Bending-Branches Dagger Perception MRC_Retro_Color_Stacked actionhub-cascade-designs-supports-effort-to-boost-exports-of-us-made-environmental-technologies-2014-09-29_14-27-30 stohlquist SealLine_logo seals_logo_new